Sep 20, 2010

She's Here!!

The UPS truck just dropped my Imagine off, and she is beautiful! The only problem is I don't know where to put her...I had planned on having much more time to "organize my scrap space (when I placed my order it said estimated delivery would be 9/24 so I figured I had plenty of time, but I am definately not complaining that she arrived early!) but I didn't get to...and of course tonight is the only night this week I have plans so I won't even have time to play! I will have to make it up to her tomorrow!

Sep 18, 2010

"Orange" you sweet

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend. This is another thank you card on the same idea as the strawberry card. I think the Preserves cartridge is a must have...I just love all the different fruits on it, there are so many possibilities! Sorry the lighting is so bad, I have to find a better place for photos!

Sep 17, 2010

It's headed my way....

I am SO excited today!!! I just got the tracking number and shipping info for my....wait for it....can you guess? Ok I can't hold it in any longer....MY VERY OWN CRICUT IMAGINE!!! I ordered it during the launch and I still can't believe it is headed to my house...I never thought I would be this excited but when I just checked my email and saw the info there I actually screeched...I never knew I was capable of making the sound that I did, so I figure it is definately pure excitement!

Sep 15, 2010

"Berry" Sweet Thank You

I am so late in getting out the thank you cards for my birthday, but I think it's never to late to get a card in the mail. I just LOVE this strawberry and have wanted to use this I figured why not now?

...and the inside:

Sep 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to WHOOO?

A card for my Sisters Birthday, the inside says YOU! I used the Gypsy to weld two owls together and the branch to the bottom, owl and branch are from Create A Critter. The only problem was I thought it would fit in the envelope I had and of course it didn't, but he is so cute that she loved him anyways!

Sep 13, 2010

Wishing You The Sweetest Day Ever!

I believe it's official that our weekends are slowing down! It's football season so we spend all of our Sundays with friends and family watching the games, I LOVE IT!! This is as "un-hectic" as life gets, and as I've already mentioned it's my very favorite time of year.
I made this card for a friend of ours for her birthday...and she definately deserves "the sweetest day ever"!

Sep 9, 2010

Weddinng Shower Towel Cake

I made this towel cake for a Wedding Shower gift for my husbands cousin. This is the first one I have done and I was so nervous doing it, but it was so fun and easy to make. The photos aren't the greatest but on each white ribbon band I put words that pertain to marriage ie., trust, love, respect etc.

Sep 8, 2010

Princesses for a Princess

Things have been so hectic here lately, I can't believe Summer is officially over...but onto my favorite time of the year...FALL! I love everything about Fall, the colors, the smells, the holidays...I could go on but I won't bore you (maybe I already have!). I just realized that I have not posted the Princess name frame I made for the cutie who had her 3rd birthday...Princess themed of course! It was so much fun to make and came out so cute (in my opinion anyway).

Sorry about the glare and weird angle...I took this in a hurry before I wrapped it to take to the party...but you get the general idea.